Insurance for Telemedicine providers

October 2, 2020

Nationwide Insurance for Telemedicine providers.

Telemedicine has become quite prevalent in the healthcare industry today due to the pandemic and the many changes taking place in the healthcare industry.  Beazley (financially rated A -Excellent) has an insurance product designed specifically or the unusual exposures that exist with remote patient care services and removes many coverage gaps typically found in traditional professional and general liability insurance policies.

Some highlights in the product include:

  •     General Liability and Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) insurance in one policy
  •     Technology based services liability
  •     Technology products liability
  •     Information Security & Privacy Liability
  •     Privacy Breach Response services
  •     Regulatory defense and penalties (due to breach)
  •     PCI fines & legal defense expenses
  •     Coverage can extend to supporting physicians, independent contractors, and other health-related providers 

Premiums start as low as $3,500. for one year

Please call Jennifer at Business Insurance Consultants, Inc. (732)-946-9300 for further information and pricing.