Long Term Care

Unlike traditional Health Insurance that provides coverage for medical costs due to illness or injury, Long-Term Care Insurance covers the cost of Custodial Care, which is assistance in daily activities, such as dressing, eating, personal hygiene, toileting, and transferring from a bed or chair, walking, and light housekeeping. Custodial Care can be very costly, and it is not covered by Health Insurance or by Medicare beyond the first 100 days — the average annual cost in 2017 in NJ was $52,620 for an in-home health aide, and $120,456 for a nursing home (semi-private room). Long-Term Care Insurance is becoming more of a necessity today with people living years longer, increasing the chances of developing mobility issues and severe cognitive impairment. Over 70% of people over the age 65 will need some sort of long-term care.

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