IT Security

You need to understand the risk of a cyber attack on your business, learn how to minimize risk and recover in the aftermath. Attacks come in many forms, such as viruses, malware, cyber extortion and data theft. Cyber extortionists hold your information or system hostage in return for payment. Data thieves will steal client information for use in identity theft rings or other criminal activity. A data breach could be disastrous for your business. Losing a customer’s data would likely mean losing their business, the customer may also seek damages from you in court. Protect your business by preparing for a cyber attack. Here is where to start:

Eliminate Common Vulnerabilities: Cyber criminals will generally seek the path of least resistance. These often include weak passwords, unchanged default settings and untrained users. It is important to require the use of strong passwords throughout your business. Never leave default security settings on devices or share common passwords. Limits access to critical systems and client data to those employees that truly need access.

Install Updates You should compete software updates in a timely manner. Hackers are constantly looking for software vulnerabilities. Software developers create updates to fix known flaws. Failing to update your software is like leaving your door wide open to criminals.

Utilize Security Tools and Setting Protect your network with a firewall, which will block any unauthorized access. Use a virtual private network (PVN) to secure your network. Use encryption software to protect data traveling outside of your network. Install antivirus programs on all computers and updated them frequently to prevent the latest viruses and malware.

Back up your Data: It is vital that you back up your data. Having an offsite back-up service will shorten recovery time from a cyber attack or other IT disaster. There are now a number of cloud based backup services that can sync your data on a daily basis. This will speed up the recovery process if your data is damaged or corrupted as a result of an attack.

Employ the services of a Managed Service Provider: Contact EVB Technology You can eliminate most of the steps above by retaining a professional to do the work for you. By installing fire walls, anti-malware software, monitoring daily activities, maintaining back-ups at secure off-site locations, a managed provider serves to protect your systems from outside harm and mitigates damages. Please contact Eric Bonett at EVB Technology (732)- 358-7600 ( for further information and guidance.

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