• 5 Types of Cyber Criminals and How to Protect Against them

    Understanding the types of cyber criminals and their techniques can help protect your organization from harm.  Here are some common types of cybercriminal and pro-active steps your business can take to avoid or mitigate a loss: The Social Engineer: Cyber criminals falsifying their identity can trick unsuspecting employees to compromise data and sensitive information, or […]

    May 12, 2021

  • HIPAA exposure, Electronic Health Records, and Virtual Health Care visitations: Why Medical Providers need Cyber insurance, now more than ever

    Medical Records are a target for hackers because of their high value in the black market (Dark Web). Cyber criminals know that accessing this patient information is easier through smaller practices as they likely do not engage in the use of the highly sophisticated safety measures as do large hospital organizations and health insurance companies. […]

    April 21, 2020

  • WHAT IS CYBER INSURANCE and what does it cover in NJ

    While the insurance buying public is familiar with Auto, Home and Life insurance – even if they don’t always understand the nuances – Cyber insurance is quite a different story.  Cyber insurance is still such a new insurance product and many clients don’t think they need it. However, the reality is that without cyber insurance, […]

    January 31, 2020