Crisis Protection Insurance

July 27, 2020

Crises are unpredictable, occur anywhere, and can have negative lasting effects long after the actual event.  Given the current state-of-affairs in the U.S., with the COVID -19 pandemic and civil unrest, the atmosphere is ripe for them and businesses must be proactive to protect themselves from financial harm.  We cannot be blind-sided and think it can never happen to us.  What can you do to reduce the negative impact to your business? 

Crisis Protect” insurance works both proactively and reactively.  It includes practical assistance with staff awareness training and implementation of incident response plans; Crisis Protect insurance can mitigate financial loss by reimbursing costs to board up buildings to protect them from physical damage; it can provide monies for necessary additional security when needed, and will provide access to crisis response experts for guidance.  Whether an actual crisis event occurs or whether an event is just feared, an existing business can lose income; Crisis insurance can also include reimbursement for that business income loss.  How about the human element?  Crisis insurance can provide counselling for the employees that have been negatively affected by a crisis in the workplace.  It can also help restore the reputation of a business.

The cost of this insurance is reasonably low.  For companies with less than $100,000 million in sales, the premium will be about $2,000. year. 

Crises are going to happen, and while we cannot predict how and when, we can prepare for it and mitigate the negative affects– and purchasing crisis insurance is an all important first step.

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