What are Most Common Employment Related Lawsuits in NJ

May 29, 2019


Employment related lawsuits are a growing concern for employers. The most common employment related lawsuits today are:

  1. Wrongful termination
  2. Discrimination 
  3. Sexual Harassment

DID YOU KNOW that these types of claims are NOT covered under your standard General Liability insurance policy.

In our increasingly litigious society, the threat of a lawsuit is always there, groundless or not. Even those employers that adhere to the letter of the law can be sued by a disgruntled employee or customer at some point. While these suits can be groundless, defending against them is costly and time-consuming.

Fortunately you can buy insurance to protect you from these types of claims. Employment Practices Liability insurance will provide protection against lawsuits from current, prospective or former employees who allege “wrongful acts” such as discrimination (age, sex, race, disability, etc.) sexual harassment, or wrongful termination. How about a harassment claim or discrimination allegation from a customer, vendor or supplier? If one of your employees makes a disparaging remark or makes an inappropriate gesture or displays someone’s interpretation of “misconduct,” you-the employer- can be sued for harassment! Employment Practices Liability insurance can extend to include these types of claims,in addition to those claims made by current, former or prospective employees.

The cost for this insurance can be affordable depending upon number of employees, employee turn-around, and ratio or supervisory staff to non-supervisory.

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